Facebook Ads

I have been on facebook for a couple of years now i guess, so the novelty has wore off a little. To be honest  for the past few months i’ve check it from time to time, but not look at it properly. So i hadn’t really noticed how targeted the Ads had become, until a couple of days ago.

I’d sort of noticed that i was getting a few adventure holiday and adventure sports ads, but just that was pretty generic, not not related to the fact that in my profile i’d mentioned things like fell running. I also had noticed all the ads for jobs in IT, but not really thought about how this was targetting me specifically being an IT manager. What really made me realize just how target it was getting was when i noticed a friends status said she’d torn a ligament, on sending her a message to wish her a speedy recovery, i saw that another comment was had she enjoyed her trip to Edinburgh, as soon as i went back to my home page an ad popped in for chiropractor in Edinburgh,  then another for days out in edinburgh.

So this was not just looking at my profile data, but also data on other peoples profile i visited. Kinda make you wonder how far it goes what about data in inbox messages is it reading that to.

And then comes the question of what else is my data being used for, i look a look at the info on what the advertisers get in the way of feedback, and apparently the demographic data they receive is very high quality, so age, sex, geographic location etc, etc, etc.

I was previously aware that signing up to facebook, gave away many of my freedoms for example if i post a photo, i am in effect giving facebook the rights to that photo, and similarly if i post a comment, facebook also get lots of right to keeping that comment whether i change my mind and want to remove it or not. But i was less aware that what i did on my profile would affect what adverts other users would see. And similarly what profiles i Viewed would affect what ads were shown on my facebook pages.

Facebook Ads