Game over for Scrabulous…

Facebook in the UK removed the popular Scrabulous application on 22nd August, following a legal dispute betweeen the Mattel and Hasbro (holders of the worldwide rights to scrabble) and the Agarwalla brother (developers of the Scrabulous application). The toy and game company called Scrabulous a “clear and blatant” copy of their famous board game.

The Application, with around 600,000 signed up players, was removed from the US and Canada’s facebook pages back in July, but the brothers insist it was still legal to play outside the US.

The only country facebook has not blocked the application in is India, however “The Indian High Council” has been asked to look into this and infringement of intellectual property and are currently deliberating the case. Meanwhile Mattel have launched their own version of the scrabble application with around 70,000 signed up users.

Game over for Scrabulous…

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