Securing Web 2.0

As Web 2.0 starts to migrates from the realm of consumer market to the realm of the business, there are some serious concerns for security.

This week a security forum was set up to look at the challenges of web 2.0 for business. So far 10 major companies have signed up to the forum including credit suisse, reuters and standard charter.

There is increasing pressure on businesses to allow disbursed groups of employees, clients, suppliers and partners communicate via, instant messaging, social networks and document sharing utilities.

The question is can these types of communication be controlled. Training will be a key factor. Educating employees about the dangers of social engineering and the need for security and encryption is crucial.

Business could of course create there own social networking sites, in which they have far more control, but due to the nature of social networking this may not succeed, users don’t want to have to post there current status on lots of different sites as that kind of defeats the object.

For small businesses too there are many dangers of web 2.0 and social networking/blogging in particular, not just the arguable loss of productivity, but also disclosure of confidential information and potential for grooming of staff, not to mention the problems of liable if an individual makes unjustifiable statements from a corporate account.

Securing Web 2.0